Disable Geo-Location Assistance on Transitly

Transitly has been updated so that you can turn location helpers off. This is in response to Apple’s policy of only allowing location permission to apply for 24 hours after user granting per website. If you use Transitly on iOS and turn off location helpers this will remove the dialog on the index page asking permission for location. The trade-off is the timetable boxes will not sort by what is closest to your current location, and the stop selection page will not auto-scroll to the closest stop.

Android users are recommended to keep it on, as Android will allow you to grant permission just once for Transitly and will not re-ask permission every time the site is visited. The option is still available to disable on Android. Liquid Mongoose contacted Apple in an attempt to get them to adopt Android’s policy, but they decided not to. Feel free to contact Apple and request this, as Android’s method is better for user experience.

If you have any thoughts on which approach is better, Android vs. iOS, please post a comment or contact Liquid Mongoose directly.