Paper Case

The Paper Case project allows you to print a fold-able piece of paper into a CD or DVD case, using the content of the internet as your album art or movie cover. This solves the issue of your DVD collection taking up 20 times more space than the size of the disc. Or when you buy an album online, and are left on your own to store and label your burned CD. You can also give your friends and family burned photo CDs and DVDs in style with a personalized case. No longer are expensive CDs and DVDs left to chance to get scratched beyond recognition.

First, add the following link to your bookmarks. For Internet Explorer, right-click and select ‘add to favorites’. For Firefox, either right-click and select ‘Bookmark This Link’, or simply drag the link to the bookmark bar.

Paper Case

Drag link to bookmarks menu or right-click and add to favorites

Then visit movie pages at Netflix, album pages at, or your photo album pages at Picasa and click on the bookmark. An alert will tell you that the page is ready to print a paper case. Print the web page by either clicking on File, Print or pressing control p. The final step is making the label usable for your needs. If you plan to put the paper case in a disc wallet, just cut along the square outline. If you would like a sleeve to store the media in, fold the paper as illustrated in the video below.

Now enjoy your media without the worry of scratches and other damage.